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DIY Home Restoration Projects Gaining Popularity in 2020 and Beyond!

With 2020 being one of the craziest years on record, especially when it comes to the past few years, men, women and children across the world have done through some of the toughest times we’ve ever seen. Sure, things have happened during our lifetimes, crazy things – from hurricanes, tsunamis, blackouts, natural and unnatural disasters of all sorts. But never have we seen (at least not in recent memory), something on the scale of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. From pretty much the ENTIRE world being on lockdown, businesses all over, across almost every industry being forced to shut down, every sport, not just in the United States, but pretty much the entire world – from American sports like basketball, baseball, football, to international sports like soccer, rugby, mixed martial arts, and pretty much everything else in between being forced to either shut down or having to hold events without fans being in attendance. The American sports industry is a multi-multi-multi-billion dollar industry, and for organizations like the National Basketball Association (NBA) or the National Football Association (NFL) to actually hold events, without selling tickets to fans, and allowing for them to be in attendance – essentially foregoing millions in ticket sales, and watching their multi-billion dollar arenas essentially lay dormant, while the world’s best athletes like Lebron James and Anthony Davis were forced to win and celebrate their championship in what was essentially just a ballroom or boardroom of a Disney hotel!

This is why the year 2020 will live on in infamy, as one of the most insane years we as a human race have been forced to not only suffer through, but were actually able to make it through. And aside from the countless deaths, countless lost loved ones, sick individuals and those who are essentially scarred emotionally forth rest of their lives – we have found a way to make it through, albeit with a number of battle scars to show for it. And while the death tolls, and the sick and injured were definitely tremendous and one of the worst aspects of what we had to deal with – going through it during an election year, with Trump and Biden debating through some of the most vital and divisive topics of our lifetime – being gun-control and the economy, many Americans were put in a position where they were not only confused but truly had no clue what would be best for our country. The economy has seen of the most insane ups and downs this year, and it’s obvious, seeing as what we have gone through. Luckily for many individuals who were still able to keep their jobs and able to sustain working from home, as well as those who maintained a solid savings and quality investment portfolios – one of the biggest and most interesting things to come of this pandemic has definitely been the birth of many new and interesting “side-hustles”.

While having their backs against the wall left many families to falter quite badly, others were able to truly make something legitimate from the experience, one of the most common uses of time for many families has been getting into things such as home renovations, home remodeling and landscaping or Water Remediation Guttenberg. Such fields have been around for years, and while there have always been men and women who have excelled in the field, having no other option led many individuals who were lucky enough to have some savings to invest, as well as having the free time of working from home, to be able to put in a lot of work into such tasks – helping them to not only earn money in the form of investment and to learn a new, unique and valuable skill, but to also be able to increase the value of their home and properties in the meantime as well. However, when it comes to home remodeling and renovations, it is vital to understand that without the proper knowledge and education on the subject – or without the help from a trustworthy, and educated partner, there are a million different ways in which a home renovations project can go wrong. While you might never think of it, one of the worst and most common areas in which such issues can arise is when it comes to water damage issues. When it comes to water restoration Guttenberg always advises individuals to do their homework, on both the property in question (doesn’t matter if you’ve lived there for 20 years or not) as well as the subject of water restoration itself – especially when you are doing things DIY – do it yourself.

For instance, one of the biggest concerns a homeowner, or someone looking into turning a property into an investment vehicle, absolutely needs to consider is mold. The fact of the matter is that mold and water go hand in hand – especially when we are discussing a property that might not have been actively lived in and maintained for even a few months. When it comes to water restoration Guttenberg advises that you immediately hire a professional to do a careful a thorough mold inspection, as mold can very easily worsen when left untreated or taken care of. For water restoration Guttenberg mentioned that certain mold strains are toxic to humans and pose serious health risks. Most of the time, mold can spread quickly once it infests an area, so it is in your best interest to inspect for growth to avoid any health hazards. For small issues, you can cut out the affected area, bag it, and dispose of it immediately. However, with serious mold infestations, you need to shut down any airflow to stop contamination and then call a mold specialist. Oftentimes, mold can appear inside the walls or floors, so it’s important that this inspection is ongoing throughout the restoration. For more information on any and all information about home remodeling or renovation work, be sure to contact Realty Improvement today.

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