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Do You Need a New Roof? What to Watch For!

Over the past few years, the tristate area has seen one of the largest booms in real estate! With countless new homes and commercial properties being built up each and every day, the demand for home renovations contractors in New Jersey has been on the rise! And while kitchens and bathrooms are certainly a staple of the home renovations process, when it comes to vital exterior features like roofing rehabilitation, we have seen an incredible increase in demand! Many homeowners and first-time home buyers are looking to roofing contractors to repair damage to their roofs brought on by extreme weather conditions and daily damage from wear and tear. According to the team at Realty Improvement, considered the best home renovations contractor NJ has to offer, when it comes to any type of rehab work, roofing takes a lot of skill and is a process that isn’t easy to make happen.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

There’s a number of reasons why you need a new roof, here are 5 signs that it might be time to repair that roof!

Years of Wear and Tear!

If it’s been over 20 years since your roof has been replaced, then it is likely time for a new roof. When it comes to roofing work, it isn’t easy, and one job is not like every other. Therefore it’s important to have experts take a look at your existing roof and examine any points at which failures might exist, and where it might be sagging and needs to be restored. According to the team at Realty Improvements, the best home renovations contractor NJ has to offer, regardless of any other symptoms, after 20 years, your roof needs to be checked!

Water is Leaking

If there are leaks and water is penetrating into your home or business area, then the rest of your home is now at risk and can be damaged at any moment. The fact is that you need to repair your roof immediately and patch up any leaks or holes, before it causes any further damage to the foundation or other areas of your home. If you have expensive artwork, venetian plaster walls, and marble countertops, the last thing you want is for leaks to damage these items.

Cracked or Damaged Shingles

One of the most important aspects of any home renovations or home rehab is the curb appeal, and having cracked or damaged shingles and roof areas can drastically affect your overall curb appeal and property value. Handle this as soon as possible, and contact a roofing expert today to patch up these issues and create a uniform look and feel to your home.

Presence of Mold or Moss

Mold development along the corners and areas of your home is a common symptom of roofing issues. When mold develops, or moss is able to grow, it’s usually because moisture is slowly penetrating into your home. This is the worst thing that can happen to any roof, and over time it will only worsen and become even more of an issue.

For more information on roofing and roof repairs, be sure to contact Realty Improvements today.

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