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A Few Important Facts to Know About Mold & Mold Removal

When it comes to the world of home renovations, construction and overall home building – one of the biggest and troublesome issues an individual or contracting team can face, is the presence, undoubtedly the unwanted presence, of mold! Mold is absolutely no joke, and when it comes to issues such as mold removal Guttenberg often advises home builders and contractors to simply stay away if they can, as in the vast majority of home building projects, its worth far more trouble than it is worth – and that’s by a longshot! When it comes to mold removal Guttenberg once heard a contractor say that if mold was a person, he or she would be a huge jerk, point blank, period. Some issues with mold is that it is toxic, and it grows extremely fast, almost too fast for individuals to be able to remedy it in any good timing. Plus, it absolutely wreaks havoc on anything and everything it touches or comes into contact with. Mold doesn’t care if you are wealthy, poor, a good person, a bad person or anything in between – it simply does damage, without any care for the project at hand, nor how well it is being executed. Mold is very difficult to get rid of. It is the definition of an unwanted guest. As such, mold prevention is key to steering clear of the train wreck mold leaves in it’s wake. In this article we will be exploring some of the most important things that any individual in the home renovations, home remodeling or home building industries should know, but probably has no blue about, when it comes to mold.

• There are Two Types of Mold – Viable Mold & Non-Viable Mold

This is especially vital for those who expect to be dealing with mold on a regular or somewhat regular basis to know. Specifically, those in mold removal Guttenberg often advises, that you familiarize yourself with each species of mold, as best you can.

o Viable Mold –Molds are living organisms that require a food source and moisture to stay alive. Take away one or the other and mold can’t survive. As long as mold has a food source and a water source, it can live indefinitely and cause significant damage to anything it comes in contact with.Viable mold is also known as, active mold or active mold growth. In many cases, it is referred to as “live mold”.

o Non-Viable Mold – When mold loses its food or water source it goes dormant. This means that is does not continue to grow and spread and cannot cause further damage to your property. The bad news is, as mold dies it dries out and starts to release spores into the air at a highly accelerated rate. Mold spores – dead or alive – have the same health effects on people and animals. In a lot of ways, non-viable mold is more dangerous than viable mold since it is often written off as “safe”. Non-Viable mold is also often known as, dead mold, inactive mold, cremated mold (just a term, as it isn’t “living or active” at the moment.

• There are No Federal Guildlines Specifying What Constitutes an Unsafe Level of Mold

This might seem to be a revelation to many individuals, and even somewhat unsafe, especially for those who might not be in the industry of mold removal Guttenberg often must educate clients on the fact that they must be extremely careful, especially when working on older properties, that have a distinct mold odor or have been listed as likely having mold within – as you might not know how much or how little is actually there. As it stands now, unsafe levels of mold are completely undefined. This means that anyone, anywhere, in any profession can define how much mold is acceptable or unacceptable. In my professional and mold-experienced opinion, any level of indoor mold is unsafe and not acceptable.A lack of Federal guidelines makes it very difficult for a tenant to hold a landlord responsible for mold related health issues. It allows insurance companies to deny mold related claims. It gives mold remediation companies the ability to create arbitrary guidelines for mold levels in clearance testing. It gives doctors an excuse to overlook mold as the root cause of health issues or to downplay the severity mold related illness.This is why EVERYONE needs to educate themselves on all aspects of mold including mold testing, mold removal, and mold prevention.

• If You Visually Detect Mold – Further Tests Usually Aren’t Needed

Simply put, mold is mold – and when you see it with your own eyes, there’s little else that needs to be done in order to detect it. Especially when most individuals working in mold removal Guttenberg hires, will be able to detect just by the look of it anyway – and all too often the smell is another big giveaway. Sure, some species of mold are more dangerous than others and some species produce mycotoxins which can be deadly. But the bottom line is if you see mold you need to remove it. All mold must be removed and done so in the proper way regardless of the species.

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