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A Few More Important Facts to Know About Mold & Mold Removal

With the world of home renovations, home remodeling and home building have become such a popular topic in recent years, more and more men and women are looking to break into the field – often in an effort to not only make some money, and create a system of monthly cash flow for themselves and their families, but all too often, in an effort to improve the aesthetic appeal of their own homes, and properties. One of the most important things to know about the home building and home renovations space is that it is definitely not easy, and it takes a lot of important education to be able to get into it and be successful at it. However, that being said, one of the biggest issues why more people don’t seem to want to break into the field is simply fear – whether that be the fear of investing their own money, the fear of losing that money, or the simple fear of the unknown – one of the most important things any individual looking to get into the field can do, is to simply educate themselves, and try to learn as many of the mistakes and pitfalls that others have made, and this will help to alleviate many of those unwanted fears. One such area where many people find issues is when it comes to things like mold, and other issues within their homes. When it comes to things like mold remediation Guttenberg often advises clients to seek out experts within the field, who have the experience needed to properly deal with such issues – unless they are educated enough to deal with things like this on their own. The fact is that when it comes to things like removal or mold remediation Guttenberg believes that the vast majority of individuals in the space have little to no knowledge on how to properly remedy such issues – and without an expert level education on things like this, you can easily do a lot more damage than good. In this article, as we did in our last, we will be exploring some of the best things a home builder should know about things like mold and issues surrounding it.

· Cleaning Visible Mold is rarely the Answer – More Often Than Not, You Need to Do A LOT MORE!

Cleaning or removing surface mold doesn’t always get rid of the mold problem. 95% of the time if you have visible mold on the surface of something, you also have mold that has rooted inside that same something. This means that you need to discard the moldy item (like a moldy end table) or replace the moldy building materials (like a moldy under-sink cabinet). Surface mold is the tip of a very dangerous iceberg. In addition to that, if you have visible mold you most likely have airborne mold spores floating around. So, you need to “scrub the air” in your entire home using HEPA air purifiers. Your air ducts will need to be cleaned. Fogging with EC3 mold solution is also advised. Remember – you need to remove mold at the source and fix the leak or eliminate the water source. When it comes to things like mold remediation Guttenberg rarely ever advises that you handle things yourself, as it will go wrong 9 out of every 10 times. Any mold event larger than a 3X3 area should be handled by mold remediation professionals. I very rarely suggest that anyone try a DIY approach to remediating a medium to large scale mold problem.

· Mold Pretty Much Grows on EVERYTHING!

Mold can grow on absolutely anything like water and jet fuel which I mentioned above. While mold grows most easily on porous, organic materials (like wood, wallpaper, and drywall), it can grow anywhere a spore lands, this is why things like Mold Removal Guttenberg or mold remediation Guttenberg believes is so difficult, as in most cases, by the time you are able to remedy the first area, the mold has begun to grow on or around another one.. Plastic, metal, and glass are not immune to mold growth. The reason mold can grow on non-porous surfaces is that it can survive on dust and debris that collect on those surfaces. A little dust + a little moisture = mold’s happy place even on your grandmother’s fine china and other surfaces.

· Over Half of All Indoor Mold is Caused by Issues with High Humidity

Sure, leaks and floods are responsible for a LOT of catastrophic mold growth. But high humidity and lack of ventilation in an indoor environment are responsible for most cases of room-specific mold growth. Think about your bathroom. Bathroom mold is so common. That’s because there is usually higher humidity, a consistent water source, and a lack of air flow or ventilation. This is why when it comes to mold remediation Guttenberg always recommends a professional, with years of experience – it’s nearly impossible to get rid of otherwise! This is why it is important to monitor humidity throughout your house (check out my top picks for humidity meters) as well have use exhaust fans in the bathroom (this is my personal favorite), when cooking, and in the laundry room. Also, open windows and use fans to move air around your home.

For more information on all there is to know about issues like mold remediation and more, during your next Home Renovation or home building project, be sure to contact us today.

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