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4 Tips for a Better Kitchen Remodeling Job

When it comes to managing and maintaining your home, there is quite a bit that you need to be aware of. For many individuals, who may have lived in an apartment unit for much of their lives, purchasing and living in their first home, that they own themselves, can be quite a shocking experience. The fact of the matter is that a home isn’t very simple to keep track of and running your home has a ton of different moving parts, especially if you are trying to renovate or perform maintenance work on your home. And when it comes to home renovations work, according to the team at Realty Improvement, the best construction company NYC has to offer, the most important and likely the most involved aspect of this maintenance work has got to be kitchen renovation work. Its important to understand that one of the most important goals of home renovations has got to be increasing the property value of your home – whether or not you plan to live their yourself, flip the home, or rent it out to tenants. And one of the simplest and most common methods of increasing property value is a kitchen renovation job – as the kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most common areas that have the highest effect on factors such as property value. Upgrading your kitchen with nicer appliances, and a well thought about layout plan with nice stonework and more, can do a lot for the appearance as well as the functional value of your home. In this article, we will be exploring a few things you may not have known about your kitchen remodeling job.

· Be Prepared for Mounting Costs

Its important with any type of home renovations project, to set a specific and well thought out budget for the job. And this is more so the case for those who are looking to do a kitchen renovation, as kitchen items can end up costing quite a bit, and without a proper plan you can end up spending way more than your budget dictates. The fact is that regardless of how much you plan, and how much attention you put into your budget, its very likely your kitchen remodeling costs will be fairly high. According to recent studies, the national average cost for a full, midrange kitchen remodel is about $66,000, and the average “upscale” renovation can run over an average of approximately $130,000. This same study dictates that the majority of this spending goes towards cabinetry and hardware costs, amounting to about 30 percent. While installation, appliances, and ventilation costs can generally run to be another 30 percent combined. The best means of saving money on a kitchen renovation is to keep the layout the same as it currently is – when you begin moving piping and plumbing around, and disturbing gas lines things can get extremely costly, very quickly.

· Build a Kitchen You Will Use

This is one of the most important factors for individuals performing any kitchen remodeling job and it is often how many individuals may mistake and end up costing themselves thousands in the process. Sometimes you might be living in a home that’s considered to be a bachelor pad, that has the looks and layout of a bachelor pad in every way, but you put in a kitchen that looks like its designed for the last supper or a family of 8. This makes no sense, and is often a source of runaway costs and wasted space. If you are building a property, where you plan to rent to college students, there’s no need to put in marble counters and giant chandeliers, as they will likely break these nice things and leave you with the repair costs. And if you are building a kitchen for your family’s home, make sure it fits your family, in both size and style – especially if you’ve got the money to make it easier for you guys to use it during the course of living there.

· Countertops – Aesthetics Come Second to Practical Use

When choosing countertops for kitchens, all too often, individuals might choose to go with the nicest most expensive materials, and build this ornate, beautifully designed countertops, that while they look amazing and are shaped uniquely – make actually working in a kitchen a huge pain. According to the team at Realty Improvement, the best construction company NYC has to offer, not having adequate counter space near a sink or over isn’t practical for cooking, as you will constantly have to walk around, and having fancy materials that will damage easily and stain constantly don’t make sense in a place that is susceptible to spills and constantly dropped food items.

· Wall Mounted Faucets

One of the most interesting tricks according to the team at Realty Improvement, the best construction company NYC has to offer, is the use of wall mounted faucets. These innovative designs for faucets are not only great for costs in many instances, but are great for overall function of the kitchen and it is much easier to keep the area around the sink cleaner and dryer. Plus, this gives your kitchen a unique look that perspective buyers will remember when it comes time to sell.

For more information on all there is to know about kitchen renovation be sure to contact Realty Improvement today.

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