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3 More Things to Know About Your Home Renovations

You know you want to renovate your house, but you don’t know where to start, right? Well, you’re not alone. Many homeowners dive into the renovation process with no clue of what to expect. It’s only after they suffer through renovation mishaps that they regret not having a plan. Without preparation, the home renovation process can be full of disappointments because unlike building a new house, you aren’t starting with a blank slate. There can be unforeseen expenses and issues that make the process complex. Plus, having the last year or so being somewhat of a pandemic in which that we were allowed to simply stay home and worry about the pieces of our home renovations Guttenberg has to offer – this time has certainly been able to help us quite a bit. So, before you go down the twists and turns of the renovation path, here are a few important things you must know before you start remodeling.

• Expect Unexpectant Things to Happen

All homes hold secrets, in the walls, under the floors, and elsewhere. A renovation can bring those to light. Like when your contractor tells you your floors are uneven due to a shifted center joist while measuring for your highly anticipated new hardwood floors. Now you need to deal with the home inspector when you are going over the home renovations Guttenberg – who missed it and get the floor joist repaired before the new material can go down. This is just one example of how you should expect the unexpected by planning extra time in your renovation timeline and extra money into your renovation budget to allow for unanticipated mishaps along the way.

• Go Through a Number of Different Contractors Before You Choose One

It pays to interview multiple contractors and compare bids. Suppose you want your hot water heater removed from an upstairs closet and a new one installed in the garage. The first plumber you ask says he plans to charge $6,000 and would reroute hot water lines. cutting into your living room tray ceiling to do so. The second plumber said it was too much work. Plumber three plans to finish the job in a day and charge $3,285 with no water line rerouting needed. Without interviewing multiple contractors, you run the risk of paying too much and not getting what you want. It pays to do your homework and talk toseveral experts before making a final decision. Finding the right contractor is one of the most essential aspects of the whole home renovations Guttenberg mentions.

• Go with the Kitchen Remodel First

When it comes to home renovations Guttenberg mentions that the kitchen is the most vital area to start with at first. Homeowners often want to know in what order they should renovate a house. It’s best to start with the kitchen because these remodels add major value to your home. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2019 remodeling impact report, realtors estimate that homeowners can recover 59% of the cost of a complete kitchen renovation if they sell their home. Plus, if you have an outdated kitchen, upgrading the worn-out space will let you better enjoy the space while you’re home. Practically speaking, you’ll want to do the kitchen remodel first because that work will create the most dust and debris, which you won’t want landing on new paint or finish jobs. It’s always a good idea to isolate any demolition mess by putting plastic over doorways or pass-throughs. Since a large kitchen remodel typically takes several months to complete, you’ll want to set up a temporary substitute kitchen in the dining room, family room, or another adjacent area in your house.

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