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6 Mistakes New Homeowners Need to Avoid in the New Year!

So you finally did it! You made the move from serial renter, or couch surfer to homeowner! It’s a transition that many adults will eventually have to make at one point or another, and if you are lucky enough to buy your first home, there’s a million different things you’ve got to be ready for! From smaller scale projects like furniture, plants and decorations, to larger endeavors like home renovations, rehab, and making certain property additions – there’s a lot that goes into making your new house a home, that you can call your very own! While some buyers get a property, thinking to perform a full gut renovation project, others will purchase a space that simply needs some paint on the walls and interior design work to be done. The fact is that when it comes to home renovations, mistakes can be costly and there’s a lot of room for error, depending on how big your property might be! At Realty Improvements, the best home renovations contractor NJ has to offer, they have helped countless first-time homeowners to create their dream homes, without the headaches that are often associated with any type of remodeling work. Problems usually arise when inexperienced buyers attempt to plan out renovations on their own, without the help of an experienced contractor. In this article, we will be going over some of the most common mistakes first-time home buyers make, and what you need to avoid in the new year!

The Wrong Cost Figures

When it comes to home renovations and rehab work, it’s almost always best to overestimate, rather than underestimate! It’s simply a fact of modern home renovations in NY and NJ, but most jobs will cost a lot more and take a lot longer than you first expected them to. It’s usually best to add 20 percent to what you think a project will come out to be, and when you start to feel financial pressures, cut back on the work, and save it for later! There is no rule that you have got to have all your home renovations done before you move in or when you first move in, a home can be developed and perfected over time – patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to home renovations in NJ.

Not Hiring a Designer

Unless you have a keen eye for design and detail, and have implemented that eye on a home renovations project or two in the past, its always best to contact an experienced designer or interior and exterior decorator to handle the overall aesthetic of the project. As the best home renovations contractor in NJ, Realty Improvements can help you through the design process to provide an aesthetic that not only you will like, but will command a higher property value on the open market if you choose to sell down the line.

Not Checking References or Samples

When it comes to home renovations work, it’s truly hard to get a gauge for someone’s abilities without seeing samples of their work or getting references from others who have used their work in the past. Online reviews are great, but if you can’t see it or touch it, it’s not a great idea to believe it 100%! At Realty Improvements, the best general contractors NJ has around, they have an extensive portfolio of their past work, including before and afters and much more.

Taking the Lowest Bid Offer

Home renovations projects in New York and New Jersey can become very expensive and its always prudent to shop around and try to find solid prices for everything from materials to labor. But the fact is that cheapest isn’t usually the best. The best home remodeling companies in NJ know their worth, and will charge accordingly. There are many inexperienced contractors looking to break into the field by undercutting prices, and while some may provide excellent work, do you really want your family home to be the test case?

The Wrong Team for the Job

All across New York and New Jersey, there are home renovations experts that are knowledgeable and experienced in many facets of construction and rehab work. But the fact is that you need to hire the right team for YOUR job. If you are in need of roofing work and roofing renovations mainly, then you shouldn’t hire the contractors that only specialize in landscaping work or plumbing and bathroom projects.

Reading Blueprints & Designs Yourself

This is one of the biggest errors that new homeowners tend to make. The fact is that if you didn’t go to design school and you are not an architect then you probably cannot read blueprints the right way. Make sure you have someone on your side who can assist you with your project and translate it into a way you can understand. Someone might be installing venetian plaster walls that can take up a huge part of your budget, and you have no clue where they are actually going. This is not good and you would hate to have to redo the project or end up with a result you aren’t 100% happy with in the end.

For more information on contracting and home renovations work, be sure to contact Realty Improvements today.

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