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4 Things to Know Before Painting Your Furniture

When it comes to home renovations and construction projects, no matter how big or small they might be, there is a tremendous learning curve that you must overcome – especially if you plan to turn it into a DIY project and take on most of the work yourself, or alongside your partner or just a few of your friends. The fact is that according to the team at Realty Improvements, the best construction company NYC has to offer for home renovations, the majority of a home renovations job is simply too much and requires multiple skill sets that the average individual simply doesn’t have. And while they can certainly learn them, the amount of experience and trial and error it would take is too much for the normal timeline of any normal project. The fact is that its much better to hire a professional construction company NYC expert at Realty Improvements believe, especially for the larger scale matters such as plumbing, electrical work, actual laying of concrete and creating and closing down rooms and areas of the house. The fact is though, there are a number of areas in which an individual and his or her partner and family or friends can certainly help out, and this can drastically reduce your costs and even save time in finding the workers you need, as you can just take things on yourself.

When it comes to painting, you don’t always need to find a painter contractor, as this is something that doesn’t always take a ton of skill to do, and just some time, and elbow grease to make happen. The fact is that the job of a painter contractor generally comes into play when the job is large scale or involves certain areas that are just too massive for an individual to want to take on themselves – or in the event you just have the money and don’t really care about saving it versus having to bust your butt to paint a couple of different rooms. There is one instance where we will almost always recommend individuals take on the painting job themselves and this is when it comes to painting furniture. This is something that many might want to do, and while many don’t have experience in it, with a few tips that we will be going over within this article you can ensure you and your partner end up with furniture that looks like it was done by a professional painter contractor in no time at all.

· Choosing the Right Furniture to Paint

When it comes to furniture painting its important not to choose the wrong piece of furniture painting doesn’t always make things look better, and you can just as easily ruin an antique piece by painting it sky blue thinking it will look cool in your child’s room, when it might be valued well over the 4-digit range. Make sure it will actually look nice, and its not damaged or broken in any way, as no amount of paint will bring that back.

· Choose the Best Paint for the Item

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to furniture painting, according to the team at Realty Improvements, the best construction company NYC has to offer, its best to choose the right paint for the specific item, as different surfaces will work better with different paint. It’s important to choose a paint specifically designed for furniture, such as spray paint made to adhere to wood surfaces. You should also consider the finish you hope to achieve, whether that’s smooth and modern or textured and distressed. Chalk-style paints, milk- or mineral-based paints, and acrylics are all great choices for painting furniture and versatile enough to give you a variety of looks. As with color choices, paint options vary widely and are typically limited only by personal preference. Grab some samples and see what works best to you.

· In Many Cases, Remember the Primer!

Some paints, including chalk-finish varieties, boast the ability to adhere to furniture without the need to sand first. However, there are always exceptions. For the best finish and adhesion, consider using a primer. Some old paint and set-in stains can bleed through your new paint job, meaning that even coat after coat, the stain could show through and affect the color of your paint. In general, you can assume pieces that appear to have a red-tinted stain will show stains. When in doubt, it’s best to prime. Some furniture paint lines offer their own primers or stain-blockers that are designed to work with their paints.

· Sand and Prep Surfaces Before Furniture Painting

Adding paint to formerly stained furniture will highlight its features, including pretty architectural details and any blemishes or imperfections. Be sure to fill holes and sand out scratches prior to painting for the best results. Even a distressed finish will benefit from a little repair and prep work beforehand.

For more information on painting and more home renovations work, be sure to contact Realty Improvements today.

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