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Things to Know About Your Next Flooring Installation

When it comes to the world of home renovations and construction, there is quite a bit an individual needs to learn, whether or not they choose to do it themselves or hire a team of professionals. The fact is that your home, no matter how big or small it might be, has a ton of moving parts, and the only way to truly ensure that you are getting a good deal on your home renovations work is to become as educated on the subject as possible – as in this industry, not every contractor is as professional as a team like Realty Improvements. And when performing the work, yourself, its vital that you know exactly what you are doing, so as to not waste valuable time and money – especially in certain specialty areas, such as plumbing work, electrical jobs, and more. One example of this is when it comes to flooring work. As the top flooring contractor NYC has to offer, Realty Improvements advises clients that they should have a professional on their team, who is experienced in the craft, and has put in different types of flooring, for all types of homes – seeing the successes and the failures with such work, ensuring they know what to avoid in certain instances. As a flooring installer, there is quite a bit that goes into things, from using different materials on different areas of the home or property, to adding materials beneath the actual flooring to act as a support and structural system. In this article, to best equip you to perform this next flooring job, we will go through some of the most important things you must know, in order to not only install proper flooring, but to do so in a manner that raises the property value of your home or property.

Before You Begin

With any home renovations job, according to the team at Realty Improvements, the best flooring contractor NYC has around, its vital that you properly prepare, and take the necessary steps to getting the job started off right. The first thing you need to do is to choose the proper type of flooring for the space, you can contact a flooring installer to help make such a choice or read articles online. Then, figure out the steps and guidelines for installing that specific type of flooring, this information can easily be found online, and make sure you have all the necessary tools to complete the job. Most instructions include a tool list, so don’t short-change yourself there. After all, you’re saving money on the install, right? Rent specialty tools from your local rent-it shop, and ask the manager how to properly operate the tool. Generally, an experienced flooring installer will have these tools at hand, so this is why some might want to call in help from a professional. The final preparatory step is to understand the subflooring. According to the team at Realty Improvements, the best flooring contractor NYC has to offer, the subflooring is vital, and will generally be wood or concrete – do your research and figure out which one is right for you and your flooring work.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular option for many homeowners, as it can often go in different rooms around your home or property. The first thing you must understand about laminate flooring is that it requires a clean, very dry subflooring. You also need to understand that because the plastic-coated planks are slippery when wet, so laminate isn’t a good choice for bathrooms and laundry rooms. You can install a floating floor system over existing floors that are flat and in good condition. Laminate flooring is also very DIY-friendly, and doesn’t require any expert level skills – so it’s the perfect starting point for a novice flooring installer.

Hardwood Flooring

Again, like laminate flooring – hardwood flooring will need to be installed over a very clean, and very dry subflooring area. While hardwood works great for most areas, it isn’t good to get it very wet, so you will likely want to avoid having hardwood floors in your bathrooms, or a basement that may get wet. While there is a bit of a learning curve, hardwood flooring isn’t hard with some practice. And if you are aware of using a nail gun, and properly nailing down the floorboards, you should be good. Be sure to read articles online and search YouTube for different tutorial videos – they will help.

For more information on flooring, and more, be sure to contact Realty Improvements today.

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