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4 Things to Know About Your First Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to working on your home and performing any type of home renovations, there is quite a lot you need to know, and there’s quite a large learning to curve when you are new to things. As a homeowner, making certain renovations and additions to your home can be quite fun though, and be a source of amazing pride, as it allows you to essentially customize your home and truly make it your own. But whether you are an experienced remodeler or just someone who hired a constriction company for the first time to help remodel your home, one of the hardest aspects of the job is the bathroom renovation. The fact is that when it comes to a proper bathroom renovation, there are so many moving parts that there is just a number of ways things can go wrong. Plus, the bathroom is one of the most popular and most often used rooms in the entire house, and is often a place where guests will see – so having a poorly designed or renovated bathroom, can make things kind of embarrassing for you and others who might livein the home. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important things an individual must understand when it comesto a properly done bathroom renovation as well as any common tips you need to know from some of the remodelers at Realty Improvements.

· Make Sure You and Your Contractor are on the Same Page!

When it comes to any properly done bathroom renovation, there are quite a few different aspects at play, and a number of moving parts a remodeler must know and be familiar with. And while much of it is fairly standard, bathroom to bathroom, according to Realty Improvements, the top construction company NYC has around today, all too often homeowners fail to properly identify exactly what they want from their remodeler, and exactly how they want things to work, look and feel. Its vital that you spell out each and every part of the plan, because, being an expert remodeler, your contractor will have his own ideas, and unless you give him specifics, he will likely do what he feels best and have a plethora of his own ideas.

· Going for the Amazing Bathtub isn’t Always the Best Idea

One of the best parts of doing a new, fresh bathroom remodel is upgrading the bathtub, and putting together an amazing freestanding tub like you would see in a classic home or in the movies. While these would be amazing and really make a statement about your bathroom, the fact is that it takes a ton of work to put in, costs quite a bit more than other options, and during the course of actual use, it can be an actual pain and take quite a bit of effort to clean and maintain. The fact is that if you are a smaller person, hate cleaning, have an old rickety house, like to take long baths, or take more showers than baths – while it looks great, it can take so much work to maintain and keep working at its absolute peak.

· Lighting is Key, But Needs to Be Planned

One of the best and most aesthetically pleasing things an individual can do in their new bathroom remodel has got to be putting in amazing, flattering lighting, and filling it with mirrors, as it allows the lights to bounce around the right way and make the rest of your bathroom looks amazing. As the best construction company, Realty Improvements focuses on things like lighting for the bathroom as it is a nice way to make things look far better. But its vital to understand that proper, and aesthetically pleasing lighting requires careful thought and placement. The simplest way to light a bath is a single diffuse light in the center of the ceiling. You can work with your remodeler to decide which lights are best for your bathroom.

· Outlets – Don’t Forget!

One of the most important things for a modern bathroom, is having a number of small, aesthetically pleasing, easily accessible outlets, that are as flush to the wall as possible. the thing to understand is that a modern bathroom often has a number of different appliances in it, from curling irons and hair dryers, to even things like phone chargers and more – for these things you need accessible outlets. And when you want your bathroom to look good, you got to make sure they aren’t an eye sore, and fit in well with the rest of the looks of the bathroom.

For more information on all there is to know about your next bathroom renovation, be sure to contact Realty Improvement today.

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